Who am I ?

Who am I

Let us make the presentations :

my name is Bernard and i live in a town of 93, near Paris.

It is accidentally that I knew the magnificent world of the cats of races and I fell in love with a magnificent Oriental shorthair,Ebony, giving us to feel like buy one.One thing leading to another, I became the happy owner of Opale des Motards en Délire and i had started ,a family breeding of oriental and siamese races.

I want to make discover to the public these marvellous and regrettably underestimated races, and also to bring down some successful ideas( " not the Siamese is not nasty ").

I lived in perfect harmony with my cats. They have access in all the rooms of my apartment including my bedroom !(and they know very well how to take advantage of my bed!) they are kings of the climbing and they were many hiding places on the top of furniture, and other wall cupboards!

So-so, me made live male and future breeders, always under high surveillance, but outside question for me to lock infinitely the one or the other one.

Thank you to visit my site, by hoping that you will appreciate it, as well as my cats.


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